Aixcon offers DC and AC power sources as well as microwave generators for a variety of coating processes. Aixcon in particular also supports processes that place high demands on the power supply, such as those with high pulse rates or special pulse shapes.

Microwaves (915 MHz / 2.45 GHz / 5.8 GHz) are a good source for plasma excitation. Microwaves can achieve higher plasma densities than RF or DC excitation. Aixcon’s microwave generators are deployed in various plasma coating processes (e.g. PCVD – Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition). This coating process facilitates the deposition of many different types of thin films.

Aixcon’s microwave generators can also be used in pulsed power regime (up to 20 kHz). The pulsed power regime can reduce the thermal load on the substrate. This facilitates coating applications on materials that do not tolerate high thermal loads (e.g. polymers).

Possible applications:

  • Wafers
  • Semiconductors
  • ICs (Integrated Circuits)
  • Photovoltaic
  • Glass

Our microwave generators.


Electroplating is a coating process in which current is passed through an electrolytic bath and material is stripped from the anode (positive pole) and coated onto the cathode (negative pole).

The advantage of electroplating is that the metal layer is very homogeneous. The thickness of the metal coating increases depending on the current density and process duration,

Depending on the material, the deposited coatings can be very functional with properties such as high wear resistance.

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