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High frequency ignitions

Foto eines Hochfrequenz Zündgerät der aixcon PowerSystems GmbH

Aixcon PowerSystems offers various igniters. Through many years of welding experience, Aixcon has been able to harness the power of high-frequency arc ignition. However, its usage is not just limited to welding–there are many areas in which it makes sense to generate an arc by means of a high frequency (HF) ignition, such as for coatings and gas ovens.

Technical specifications

Aixcon PowerSystems offers devices starting with an input voltage of 24V DC|AC up to 400V DC|AC. The ignition frequency can be modified, with continuous ignition as an additional option.


  • Input voltage of 24V DC|AC up to 400V DC|AC
  • Modifiable ignition frequency
  • Various high voltage outputs pole
  • Continuous ignition (100% ED)
  • Compact design
  • Single & multi-ignition modules
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