Applications Fuel Cells

Fuel Cells

Power electronics for hydrogen production & power generation

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Since 1998, Aixcon PowerSystems has been developing power electronics for fuel cells. The first systems developed by Aixcon were inverters for fuel cells designed for private use.

Since then, Aixcon has eveloped power electronic systems for a broad range of fuel cell applications.  Aixcon develops converters to connect fuel cells or electrolyzers to the grid or isolated power networks.

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Hydrogen Production

In hydrogen production, hydrogen and oxygen atoms are isolated from water by means of an electrolyzer. The generated hydrogen can be stored and later converted into electricity or used for heat production.

For this type of hydrogen production, Aixcon builds power sources that are available both with and without galvanic isolation.

Power Generators

The energy source, usually hydrogen, emits electrons and oxidizes protons. These pass through the membrane into the area of the oxidizing agent, usually oxygen. The oxygen reacts with the protons and produces warm water, which can be used for heating.

The electrons are derived from the fuel cell, and can either be connected to the consumer (by means of an Aixcon converter) or fed into the grid.

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