Power electronics at the highest level

Welding, Microwave, Power Supplies, Fuel Cells etc.

More than 20 years of experience

Aixcon PowerSystems GmbH develops and manufactures power electronics solutions.

Aixcon PowerSystems GmbH develops customized power electronic solutions for welding, coating, fuel cell and many other applications.

With continuous improvements and high flexibility, Aixcon is your ideal partner to solve your power electronic challenges.

What sets us apart

Customized Solutions

We develop customized solutions to provide each of our clients the best integration into new and existing systems

direct contact person

Since many of our clients operate 24-hour productions lines, we know that even short outages can incur high expenses. Aixcon strives to provide direct points of contact and rapid responses to technical support inquiries for all of our customers.

Comprehensive Support

From beginning to end, our team is there to help you with the design, integration process and parametrization until the completed system is up and running.

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