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Since 1994, Aixcon PowerSystems has been developing and producing power supplies, microwaves, high-current pulse sources, DC/DC converters, inverters, and custom solutions in power electronics.

Aixcon microwaves are used in wafer production, glass coating and automotive engineering. Through water-cooling technology, our microwaves can be adapted for use in clean room environments as well.

Aixcon offers high-current pulse sources, which are characterized by high precision and processing speed. These are suitable for a variety of coating processes and achieve a homogeneous layer density in the nm range.

We also offer special power sources for demanding DC and AC galvanic processes.

DC/DC converters and inverters for fuel cells and other applications are offered in series or according to customer specifications.

For the steel industry, Aixcon develops demagnetizers and other complex systems. For all products we offer flexible and extensive interfaces as well as software libraries. We strive to individually and accurately develop solutions to all our customers’ needs.

We offer flexible and extensive interfaces as well as software libraries for all products. Customer requests are responded to individually and developed precisely.

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