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Electrolysis power sources

aixcon PowerSystems is a leading manufacturer of power sources specially developed for electrolysis processes. Thanks to their innovative technology and high quality, they have achieved a high level of customer satisfaction worldwide.

aixcon PowerSystems’ power sources are used in a wide range of applications, including water electrolysis for the production of hydrogen, electrolysis for the extraction of metals and in the chemical industry for the production of various chemicals.

What characterises aixcon PowerSystems is not only the performance of its power sources, but also its dedicated customer service. Customers have direct access to competent contact persons who are available to answer questions or solve problems and can offer customised solutions.

The power sources from aixcon PowerSystems cover a wide performance spectrum, from small systems to powerful systems with up to 2 MW. This high performance enables customers to make their electrolysis processes more efficient and cost-effective.

Thanks to their reliability, performance and excellent customer service, aixcon PowerSystems power sources are used worldwide by industrial companies that rely on electrolysis processes.

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