Here you find an overview of our product range

Our products are constantly being developed and optimized. It is possible to tailor each product to your application and integrate it into your process. We are proud to be the market leader in composite pipe welding equipment.

Our products are used worldwide and operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We also offer customized special devices that are completely designed and developed to complement your application.

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Foto eines Hochfrequnz  Zündgerät


High frequency ignitions Aixcon PowerSystems offers various igniters. Through many years of welding experience, Aixcon

Kohlenstoffbeschichtung (High Current Arc | HCA)

HCA Puls

Together with Arc Precision GmbH, Aixcon developed a system for coating hard-disk surfaces with a carbon

Darstellung eines Mikrowellenofens der aixcon


Aixcon PowerSystems GmbH produces microwave generators for both high-end and simple applications. For many years,