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Innovative through research

As a research company, we take part in the survey of research and development in the economy in Germany. Our constant development and research into improved processes helps to produce your product more efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Plasma cracking of natural gas to reduce CO2 for decentralized use

The plasma-activated decomposition of hydrocarbons such as natural gas (biogas, LNG, propane, etc.) into hydrogen and carbon using microwave plasma is an optimal way of solving the problems of the energy transition in the short and medium term. It is CO2 free/poor and can injected into the Germany-wide natural gas network as a raw material supply. The resulting carbon can be used as a raw material, e.g. to replace the current, heavily CO2-heavy processes for carbon black production, which makes this concept even CO2 negative! This development is funded by the European Union and the Ministry for Economics, Innovation, Digitization and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

Battery Expert Forum

Visit us April 4th-12th 2019 at the Battery Expert Forum in Frankfurt. You will find us at booth 104, where we will be presenting updates on our process for welding copper cell connectors. We are looking forward to your visit.

Lucas Gerads – Board Member of IHK Aachen

The IHK Aachen (Aachen Chamber of Commerce) has elected a new board for the 2018-2021 term. Lucas Gerads won a seat in the Industry category for the district of Aachen.

Click here to view the list of all current members

Powerful function generator

The company Beckhoff wrote about our current-controlled function generator, which is used in small and large power classes. The function generator is very precise and can be adjusted continuously. Various curves can be set in all performance classes, but customer-specific functions can also be stored.

Read the entire article here (german language)

High performance power supply with 30.000A

PC Control | Beckhoff PC Control, the newspaper by Beckhoff, reported on our 30,000 A power source. The article describes the feasibility of a 30,000A current source and the design with special Beckhoff components to create a control accuracy in the per thousand range. This power source is used to machine titanium profiles for aerospace applications. The so-called “hot stretch”.

Read the entire article here (german language)

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