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Power supplies

DC and AC voltage sources

Kleinere Darstellung einer Hochleistungsstromquelle der aixcon PowerSystems GmbH

The power sources developed by Aixcon PowerSystems are used in various applications with no limits to the user. A modular and modifiable system is adapted to custom input and output sizes tailore†d to a specific application, allowing the user to freely adjust the power, current and voltage. Depending on the version, the power source can be installed in a control cabinet, a 19-inch housing or left open-frame (without housing), so that the power source can be easily integrated into your system.


AC/AC, AC/DC, DC/AC and DC/DC power sources are available, which can be built with or without electrical isolation depending on the application. In addition, it is possible to implement each source as the step-up converter or down converter.


When cooling, it is possible to choose between air cooling, water cooling or a hybrid solution. This allows for our power sources to fit into every location.


Since we know that each company uses different standards, we offer a variety of interfaces so that we can equip our devices with an interface adapted to your system.  Analog, ProfiNet, ProfiBus, EtherNet, EtherCAT, CAN or any another interface are all possible options to choose from when developing your next device.

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