Electrolysis power sources

aixcon PowerSystems is a leading manufacturer of power sources specially developed for electrolysis processes. Thanks to their innovative technology and high quality, they have achieved a high level of customer satisfaction worldwide. aixcon PowerSystems’ power sources are used in a wide range of applications, including water electrolysis for the production of hydrogen, electrolysis for the extraction of metals and in the chemical industry for the production of various chemicals. What characterises aixcon PowerSystems is not only the performance of its …

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Leistungsteil einer Schweißstromquelle mit zugehöriger Elektrik

Welding power sources

Industrial welding power sources With many years of experience in welding technology, our team develops, engineers and produces customized welding power sources. Producing our own hardware and software allows for a faster turnaround time to customer requests. Aixcon welding power sources of the PWU series can be found in all areas of industry. Power sources housed in a standard cabinet experience optimal operating conditions through air conditioning and water cooling. Modern, economical and extremely robust power units guarantee reliability and …

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Foto eines Kupfer Batterie-Zellverbinders

Battery pack – welding system

Welding system for copper cell connectors Technical specifications: Sample applications Powerful battery modules with high electrical conductivity are used in many industries. energy industry Stationary energy storage mobility Pedelec, e-bike, electric car, aerobatic plane More about the numerous applications of our various welding systems.

Darstellung eines Mikrowellenofens der aixcon PowerSystems GmbH


Industrial Microwaves Aixcon PowerSystems GmbH produces microwave generators for both high-end and simple applications. For many years, the products of the microwave Y generation set new standards for highly precise, dynamic processes. The new generation of Y-generators has been completely reworked for even greater precision and efficiency. Overall, the new generation delivers with its simple and fast setup, wealth of customizable interfaces (Analog, Profinet, others on request), and is available in both air- and water-cooled versions. The new microwave generation …

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Foto eines Brennstoffzellen Schranks der aixcon PowerSystems GmbH

Power electronics for fuel cells

Since 1998, Aixcon has worked on the development of inverters for fuel cells. In 1999, 50 field test systems were delivered throughout Europe. In 2010, the first power supply for a hydrogen generator was delivered. Aixcon offers fuel cell power sources and sinks for hydrogen production, heating and distributed power generation. These offerings include: Regulated power sources for operation on AC or three-phase systems with potential-free power output Regulated power sources for operation on DC power supplies with potential-free power …

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Foto einer DC Stromquelle mit 30.000 A

Power supplies

DC and AC voltage sources The power sources developed by Aixcon PowerSystems are used in various applications with no limits to the user. A modular and modifiable system is adapted to custom input and output sizes tailore†d to a specific application, allowing the user to freely adjust the power, current and voltage. Depending on the version, the power source can be installed in a control cabinet, a 19-inch housing or left open-frame (without housing), so that the power source can …

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Person hält Tablet mit grafischer Darstellung

Customized devices

aixcon PowerSystems also offers the development of customized devices. All the necessary parameters, interfaces, types and types of cooling are taken into account in order to develop the optimum device for your application. In addition, the devices are thoroughly tested in various tests. When integrating with your system, our engineers will also be at your disposal to assist you until the entire system works. The subsequent production of small series can also be supplied by aixcon PowerSystems.Your product will be …

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Abbildung Kohlenstoffbeschichtung (High Current Arc | HCA)

HCA Puls

Pulsed high-current arc (HCA) with plasma filter HCA technology (PVD coating) The cycle time of the production plant is in the seconds range. The coating time itself is under 1 second. The vacuum arc is a rather simple coating method. Unfortunately, liquid drops of the target material deposit as so-called droplets, and the only possible way to avoid these droplets is to filter them out. While it is possible to filter the droplets in strong magnetic fields, it also causes …

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Foto eines Hochfrequenz Zündgerät der aixcon PowerSystems GmbH


High frequency ignitions Aixcon PowerSystems offers various igniters. Through many years of welding experience, Aixcon has been able to harness the power of high-frequency arc ignition. However, its usage is not just limited to welding–there are many areas in which it makes sense to generate an arc by means of a high frequency (HF) ignition, such as for coatings and gas ovens. Technical specifications Aixcon PowerSystems offers devices starting with an input voltage of 24V DC|AC up to 400V DC|AC. …

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