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aixcon PowerSystems GmbH

Steinfurt 26
D-52222 Stolberg (map)

Tel.: +49 (0) 2402 12210
FAX: +49 (0) 2402 122122


TIG Torch with Electrode Regulator

In continuous welding processes, especially for composite pipes, the distance between part and electrode is a crucial parameter to produce faultless seams.

Therefore, the operator has to regularly compensate the erosion of the electrodes. The operator has a limited processing window to make corrections, if the secure window is left, fault weld penetration and wholes. aixcon's aix-E400 controls the arc length and keeps it the distance reliably consistent. About 100mm (3.9in) electrode path are available.

The automation of the electrode regulator unburdens the operators and allows time to be dedicated to other important tasks. Permanent and consistent process conditions are provided regardless of environment, time and personnel.

  • Automatic Electrode Regulator
  • Optimized Cooling
  • Convenient Maintenance
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