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aixcon PowerSystems GmbH

Steinfurt 26
D-52222 Stolberg (map)

Tel.: +49 (0) 2402 12210
FAX: +49 (0) 2402 122122


TIG DC-Welding System

The TIG DC-Welding System is deployed for cable sheaths with copper or aluminum. The power unit is equipped with a 400 Ampere and 600 Ampere power supply. The gas controller utilizes two mass flow controllers for Argon and Helium. The gas mixture is adapted depending on material and process speed.

Additionally, important parameters like welding current, pulse frequency, pulse symmetry etc. are automatically adapted.

The quality control system captures all relevant process parameters and stores them securely for offline analysis.

The welding process is displayed through a video system with a water cooled camera and color monitor. This enables the operator to identify discrepancies remotely.

This configurations enables welding speeds of up to 100m/min (328ft/min) for copper and 50m/min for aluminum. Weldable material thicknesses range between 0.15mm and 1.2mm.

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