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aixcon PowerSystems GmbH

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Tel.: +49 (0) 2402 12210
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Refurbished Plasma Orbital System

Many welding fixtures for fully or half automatic applications are several decades old.
Often the mechanics from the “good old times” still run impeccable.
On the other hand the control units are often problematic since they are still based on relay and contactor controls. Similarly, it is expensive and complex to replace drives or repair inverters. Spars parts are often not available.

It is also often the case that the documentation of adjustments has been neglected. System can become a nightmare for maintenance.

In the shown example application, a plasma power supply from the 80s, the drive of the cold wire drive and the drive of the turn table, the gas and air control as well as the whole control of the fixture have been replaced by a modern PC-based control.

The financial investment is only about 30% of a new fixture.

  • Reliability comparable to a new system
  • All spare parts are available
  • Complete and extensive documentation
  • Intuitive interface
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