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aixcon PowerSystems GmbH

Steinfurt 26
D-52222 Stolberg (map)

Tel.: +49 (0) 2402 12210
FAX: +49 (0) 2402 122122


Process Optimization

Improving the reliability of multilayer composite pipe production processes:

The ever increasing production speed of multilayer composite pipes shortens the reliable processing window.

Through various measurements during the production process and in close cooperation with our clients and partners we developed a solution.

Small welding defects occur at production speeds above 30m/min (~100ft/min). The formation of pin holes is caused by the composition of the aluminum alloy, its storage environment and its treatment during the multilayer composite pipe production.

aixcon developed technologies to weld multilayer composite pipes without defects at a high processing speed above 60m/min (~200ft/min). The processing window can be significantly expanded by upgrading some hardware units and deploying aixcon's flexible software solution.

Please contact us to optimize your production!

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