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aixcon PowerSystems GmbH

Steinfurt 26
D-52222 Stolberg (map)

Tel.: +49 (0) 2402 12210
FAX: +49 (0) 2402 122122


PAC-Series AC/AC-Inverter

aixcon offers powerful AC/AC-Inverters for industrial applications. The PAC-Series is characterized by its robustness and flexibility. aixcon emphasizes reliability and fault resistance.


The PAC-Series can be voltage and current controlled. Additionally, voltage, current and power limits can be specified. This makes the PAC-Series especially suitable for the deployment in critical applications. All inputs and outputs galvanically isolated and short-circuit proof. The devices performs a safe shut down from all states.

Technical Specifications

current [A] 0…10A
voltage [V] 0…800V
power [kW] 0…8kW
cooling air (water optional)
efficiency >95%


The PAC-Series offers a user friendly analog interface. The interface can be accessed directly and be integrated directly into applications.

aixcon also offers a module to extend the PAC's analog interface which facilitates the integration into a software control or a user interface. This module can be combined with other aixcon modules. aixcon also offers to develop customized software modules for your application.


The PAC-Series was developed by aixcon for special applications and has for example been deployed in sophisticated galvanizing processes. Together with the aixcon function generator module it is suitable for critical applications like coating of medical devices, where reliability and precision are crucial.

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